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PostSubject: Page 1 (New WOW Magazine)   Page 1 (New WOW Magazine) I_icon_minitimeMon Dec 01, 2008 8:08 am

A New Era?!?!

We all know them... and we all know what they're here for. "It's Time for a NEW ERA!!!" A famous saying used many times in many different places. But here in WOW, we have our own NEW ERA. Konvict, a superstar here in WOW seems to be the leader or at least a co-leader of the NEW ERA...but they all claim to be a family. They have little size as some might say, but they do have numbers. A seemingly impossible to stand up to stable, has had someone stand up to them.

The Cool Stable?!?!

They have an unlikely alliance between people who cant stand each other. Surprisingly, M.A.C. and Mr. Cool put away their differences to stop this NEW ERA. The Cool stable attacked the members of NEW ERA with no remorse and relentless force. This could be a potential problem for this NEW ERA. "We don't like you! That's the only reason we're teaming up!" quoted M.A.C. of the alliance. Could this feud result into a mind blowing stable match? The answer for that question for now is...NO!

WOW Originals?!?!?

A group of WOW wrestlers that claim to be WOW's only original and best competitors has a problem with both of these groups. This of course led to a compromise between both NEW ERA and The Cool Stable. For now they claim, the two stables will join forces to rid themselves of these WOW Originals. "We are the assets of this business!" many superstars claim...but can they prove it? Their ultimate test of ingenuity, strength, endurance, and guts will be decided when these forces clash in what seems to be under-exaggerated match-up. "The future of WOW and its superstars rest on this" quotes Mr. Cool, "We are going to show these Originals that there's no one quite like the superstars today... even if we have to team up with NEW ERA to prove it!".

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Page 1 (New WOW Magazine)
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