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 January Mag Cover

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PostSubject: January Mag Cover   January Mag Cover I_icon_minitimeSat Jan 17, 2009 5:21 am

January Mag Cover FinalWOWMagCover
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PostSubject: Re: January Mag Cover   January Mag Cover I_icon_minitimeSat Jan 17, 2009 5:28 am

Table of contents

Page 1 - Kra-z J's Interview
Page 2 - North Pole Conquest Review
Page 3 - Triple Q Bio
Page 4 - First look at New Boundaries
Page 5 - Hellions Invade WOW
Page 6 - Shogun Bio

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PostSubject: Re: January Mag Cover   January Mag Cover I_icon_minitimeSat Jan 17, 2009 11:17 am

Here is The History of Shogun

Shogun started as a young mage bent on learning the secrets of Darkness...soon he was a strong but inexperienced fighter who sought a challenge so he entered the Federations of wrestling to become more powerful...

Shogun started in CCW where he won the tag titles in his first match he was nothing then though and the federation crumbled the next week sending Shogun into his true home...

Shogun now insane from all the fighting and the wars that raged in his head first started his reign as BTWE`s true dominant force in the old BTWE where he won a majority of his matches earning him his "Master of Death" nickname even fighting the great Red Dragon in the first ever Elimination Chamber making it to the final 3 after eliminating Krethrean by throwing him through a cell then smashing him with his finisher he ended up losing to Red Dragon who lost to the young up and comer Massacre though he still won in a way winning the Silver Thorn title against Zanzibar in a great match that very night!

After old BTWE Shogun dissipated for a while to learn more about his powers of Darkness(now sane he had the power to use it again) until he entered egoCLASH and defeated the powerful angel of destruction KoLoBoS in an epic rivalry full of mind games and fought right to the end earning Shogun a new nickname "The Demonic God" then Shogun transformed into the Dragon knight Kain only to lose a match for the Tag team titles against Donovan Keller and President Turp in a long and epic match.

But as if on cue Shogun returned to Win the tag title with his partner from the Genesis faction the dominant faction till the end of egoCLASHes run even getting into a world title match against Rufus Shinra though he lost due to one lucky move later though Shogun and his old Genesis partner Defeated Keller and Turp to Win the Tag Titles only to lose the the next week by giving them a proper rematch both of the matches were well fought and nail bitingly close.

Later on in his egoCLASH run Shogun took on KoLoBoS again winning still until Ramok came in and Leveled him ending Shoguns fight against KoLoBoS for a while until Shoguns Title Match with Kings Reign was interrupted bye a cloaked man hitting Shogun in the face with a Barbed wire chair that man being KoLoBoS renewing their old rivalry!

Shogun took on KoLoBoS in one last hardcore match in which both men killed each other but in the end Shogun won and kept on fighting in Team Genesis until egoclashes end.

After his egoCLASH run Shogun once again dissipated into obscurity waiting for his time to rise again.

As if on cue once again Shogun rose to the occasion when he found that BTWE had been remade where he finally returned to take on everyone in the roster he quickly made it into title contention after destroying The Artist Formerly known as Azuzu in a casket match then sending him flying off a cliff.

Later the Undefeated Kra-z_J thought it would be a good idea to mess with Shogun...Shogun proved him wrong beating him within an inch of his life but also gaining a new ally later on.

Shogun even had a great Mind Game full rivalry with the great MiniTaker though he lost in the title fight he got his revenge in the end burning MiniTaker on his last show as a goodbye "present"

Shogun made it back into title contention almost immediately after losing to Taker as the title was vacated and the BTWE World Title Tournament was announced and Shogun was in it...

Shogun went through Dominating Rick Flair and Medos in the first two round then he mysteriously got eliminated and taken out of the tournament only to have Jethro win it.

Afterwards Shogun joined the Hellions,a group of renegades who are hell bent on destroying BTWE.

Shogun was hell bent on winning the title even after losing in a tag title attempt plus he seems to have interest in another person could this be the thing to unlock Shoguns soul?...

It was in fact Anne Marie the BTWE interview who took Shoguns heart they fell in love but it was cut Short as the Hellions kidnapped Anne right when Shogun was really getting to know her.

Shogun searched for weeks until he figured out it was The Hound of Hell that did it Shogun immediately challenged the Hound to a TLC contract match for the whereabouts of Anne on the line as well as Shogun career....

Shogun won the match but not without depleting his reserve of energy though in the process he destroyed The Hound and got Anne back...

Now Shogun has entered War of Wrestling and has already made trouble with men on his way to getting a God of War Title shot...

Only time will tell what happens next and when such a thing happens this Bio will grow and live on enjoy what has been written and farewell.....for now...

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PostSubject: Re: January Mag Cover   January Mag Cover I_icon_minitimeSun Jan 18, 2009 12:51 am

Triple Q's bio for magazine:

Triple Q had a very hard life he was born to a single mother who killed his father after a bad drug deal in the alley's of New York city. Though he never did know his mom or dad.

Triple Q fought for everything he had hard never giving up. He would fight to the death over a piece of pizza of a blanket to sleep on at night.

Soon Triple Q followed after his mom and dad and at age 8 became a crack dealer. He would rip people off on his deals then kill them or beat the crap. Everyone soon knew his name after he beat up the local gang all of them at once at age 13.

He got his name Triple Q by the sign he left on the bodies he killed a fancy 3 Q marks around the face in a fancy grafitti like way.

From age 13-18 he lived underground in drug shops he build underground always on the run from the cops and FBI.

But one day a guy came along and starting fighting Triple Q. The weird part was he almost one but right before Triple Q was about to kill him the guy held up a wrestling contract to him.

The man said i've heard tons about you and i think if you had a little work with your attitude you would be a good wrestler for us.

Triple Q accepted that contract and left all his drug dealing days behind. He had to go to a mental institution for 1 year before he could wrestler and 2 years of rehab.

After he went through them ok he was signed to a little wrestling league called HPW but they fell apart not even a season in.

Shortly after that he signed with WaW and Joseph Tobin once again in fell apart within a month.

Was it Triple Q or just the federations?

Next after taking a long time off he joined a awesome fed called DWS he was in here for 4 years and loved it so much but then he was caplable of winning the title but the gm told him not to win of he would be fired. Triple Q didn't listen and won though it was edited that he lost on TV after he was fired.

Then He went To ICW with IO this was the 2nd best federation in the entire world. After staying here for many seasons and going 8-0-3 something went wrong between IO and Triple Q so Triple Q got really mad and quit.

Soon after he got picked up by a terrible gm lasted one day then a week later got picked up by Gerardo was made VGM but after a scandile a month in got fired.

But one day after a few quick feds came and gone Triple Q met a gm named Minitaker and a few called WAR of WRESTLING he though this was a wonderful fed and gave them a call.

Minitaker decided to sign Triple Q under certain conditions first his behavior must improve a lot and he must not seriously hurt or kill anyone or else his life was over.

Triple Q agreed to this and for his first time in his life was proud of himself went to rehab and became a whole different person.

Soon he was offically signed and met a guy named konvict in WoW and made friends with him before something happened.

He met a guy that was even more hellish then him Jesse Rhyne and then Triple Q decided that he wanted to be a face and defeat the bad of Jesse Rhyne.

So Triple Q now a nice guy teamed with Minitaker are out to get Jesse Rhyne and get the titles to the good guys.

Triple Q Facts:

Name: Triple Q

You can call me: Q's or 3Q

From: Streets of New York

Heel/Face: face but can be heely

Ring attire: no shirt wrestlers shorts

Attitude: face

Finisher: Q-degree

Taunt: QQQ

Height Weight: 6'6" 300 pounds

Favorite Food: Pizza

Hobbies: Scouting other Wrestlers

Favorite Movie: Scary Movie 4

Body Type: Black, Big, Bald, dark brown eyes

Rosters been in: 7

Favorite roster: WoW

Enemy: Jesse Rhyne

Partner: Minitaker

(mini you might have to take out stuff if its not appropite or allowed in TWG fed shows)
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PostSubject: Re: January Mag Cover   January Mag Cover I_icon_minitimeSun Jan 18, 2009 6:42 pm

Tariel and Ingus Jinx are walking around backstage heading for Tariel's Locker room as Thomas Vance approaches them.

Thomas Vance: Tariel, Jinx would you both mind an interview?

Alright, We've got time. Party's not till 8.

Thomas Vance: That's great thanks guys.

Thomas: So Tariel, you have been back in WOW now for a full season. What do you think of how things are going this time around for WOW?

Tariel: Well, I wasn't here for very long the first time around, But I have a good feeling

Thomas: OK. What do you think of the signings that MiniTaker has done for this season. I mean some of those guys look like they could really give some great competition for guys around here.

Tariel: that just makes it better. Why would I want to wrestle a bunch of Pushovers?

Thomas: Well, please watch yourself in your up coming matches. Now, what is this thing with you and Konvict? I mean you both are WOW Originals you both should be working together instead of fighting amongst each other shouldn't you?

Tariel: Konvict turned his back on WOW and the originals when he joined the New Era. But I must say after the impressive display against my Brother, I have a degree of respect for him.

Thomas: Jinx How are you feeling lately?

Jinx: I'm not so bad, bit sore though. I've been to see a few Prominent doctors these past few weeks, we don't want any more injuries.

Thomas: Rumors have it that your knee is what put you on the shelf and out of action. Is this true, and how has the knee been since?

Jinx: Its true. I shattered it, Tore up the tendons. the works. I couldn't walk for weeks even after surgery, Now its been repaired but I still cant walk without some help. *he lifts up his trouser leg to reveal a Knee Brace*

Thomas: Do you think you will be able to return to action in the ring?

Jinx: who knows what will happen in a years time, I may be able to wrestle full time again. But we're not getting our hopes up. I'll be happy if I can walk Unassisted.

Thomas: Well, that is about all the time I have at this time, but it has been very nice talking with you both and I have enjoyed it. Hopefully I didn't take up to much of your time. Tariel good luck with your time here in WOW and Jinx, thanks for answering my questions.

Not a problem, But don't quote us out of context
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January Mag Cover
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