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PostSubject: Magazine Page 2   Magazine Page 2 I_icon_minitimeThu Mar 19, 2009 12:29 am

Interview with our General Manager Minitaker

Thomas: Thomas Sparrow here, and I have with me our great General Manager, MiniTaker. Welcome MiniTaker, I hope you are doing well?

MinItaker: Why yes I am Thomas, thanks for asking.

Thomas: MiniTaker, I have asked to do a little interview with you for the WOW Magazine about your up and coming match at War Zone.

MiniTaker: Not a problem Thomas. Go ahead and ask me anything. I will do my best to give you an answer to just about anything.

Thomas: Well, we all know that this is the second time WOW has been open and that you have been it's General Manager each time. But this time around looks like it is going a little better then last time. In fact, last time there was never any PPV shows where as this time you have held 3 PPV's already which were all successful and the upcoming WAR ZONE on March 21, 2009 looks like it is gonna be a great show as well.

MiniTaker: Thank you Thomas, I do try to improve WOW shows each and every season. It also helps out that we have a great group of VGM's and other talented wrestlers on the shows. They are the real reason that WOW is doing so well. If it wasn't for the talent then WOW would not be able to do anything.

Thomas: That is a true GM for you, never takes the credit for himself. I think that is why everyone in WOW likes you so well MiniTaker.

MiniTaker: I do try Thomas. I do try.

Thomas: Now about your match at the PPV. It was supposed to be against Jesse Rhyne for your GOD OF WAR Title belt, but now Jesse is or was in the hospital from a hit-and-run. So how does that effect your match at WAR zone?

MiniTaker: That is indeed a great question, Thomas. Now it is like I told Jesse at Black Knight. If he shows up at the PPV then he will be fighting me for my title belt no matter if he is 100% or not. So my suggestion to him is to stay at home.

Thomas: Is there any clue as to who was behind the wheel of the vehicle that ran Jesse down?

MiniTaker: I have no leads as of yet for anyone who might have been driving that car. Although Jesse seems to have come up with a video that he spliced together to make it look like I was behind the whole thing. Even though he knows it is a complete and total lie.

Thomas: OK, so if Jesse don't show up then who will you face at the PPV?

MiniTaker: Well, we have alot of great talented wrestlers here in WOW so there is a number of guys that are willing to step up and face me for the title. I could pick any single one of them and they would be ready at the drop of a hat.

Thomas: Well, that is all the time we have for now. Thank you for coming MiniTaker, and good luck in your match at WAR ZONE. It should prove to be a great PPV.

MiniTaker: It was my pleasure.

Thomas: For MiniTaker and myself, Thomas Sparrow, we hope to see you at the PPV and good bye for now.

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Magazine Page 2
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